If you want to manually define these properties, select the Define spatial properties for the layer option. Open Google streetview on a map click point. To modify a definition query, hover over the query and follow any of these actions: To modify, add, or remove clauses from the definition query, click Edit in the query's cell. Dans cet exemple, si la première ligne de la table spatiale contenant les données relatives aux villes renvoie une géométrie point, la couche d'entités des villes est un type de géométrie point. File geodatabases are not a valid input workspace for this tool. The supportedQueryFormats layer property will list pbf if it is available on the layer. Therefore, query layers can quickly integrate spatial and nonspatial information into GIS projects independently of where and how that information is stored. If the SQL query does not return a spatial column, the output will be a stand-alone table. The output query layer will use polygon geometry. Layers reference a data source, and if ArcGIS Pro interprets data as spatial, the data's properties and attributes specify how the layer draws on a map, scene, or layout. [Note that layer files saved from ArcGIS Pro cannot be used in ArcMap.] If the attribute column type is unknown, this indicates that ArcGIS does not support that data type. The Query widget serves as a query builder during configuration, allowing you to define the query by specifying source data and filters, and displaying fields in query results. One of the most powerful features of the ArcGIS platform is the ability to query and select data from hosted feature layers.Queries support SQL expressions but they can also include geometry and spatial relationship parameters. Sharing & Publishing. New in 10.7.1. layer is checked (spatial_properties = DEFINE_SPATIAL_PROPERTIES in Python). This only applies to databases, though, not enterprise geodatabases. Subscribe. When you specify a query, all columns that have an unknown data type must either be excluded or changed in the query to a data type that ArcGIS supports. Definition Query Buttons. The specific functional differences for the SRID will vary between each DBMS platform. Note: The query builder opens in the Clause mode by default. I would like to be able to apply a spatial definition query to a layer. Support for non-hosted feature services published from ArcGIS Pro that reference enterprise geodatabase data was added at 10.7.1. Query layers will only work with enterprise databases. Similar to Create layer from selection. Hi Kate, Page queries need to be based on the attribute being used by the index layer to drive the name of each map series page. This can be changed before executing the tool if it is not the desired output shape type. In the current implementation of Query Layers, ArcGIS Pro will attempt to calculate the spatial extent based on a full scan of the WHERE clause records, which may be dozens or even hundreds of millions of records for a global database. For example, if the features in your feature class use different SRIDs, the SRID property set on the query layer will be used to prevent any rows in the database table that don't match that SRID from being displayed on the map. You also need access to an ArcGIS Server that you can share web layers or web maps to. SRID—This is the layer's spatial reference identifier and is used to ensure that only geometries with the same spatial reference identifier are returned by the query. Queries for query layers should be constructed using the target database’s implementation of SQL. ArcGIS Pro: Choose a unique identifier field for a query layer; ArcGIS Pro: Database connections in ArcGIS Pro; Last Published: 11/26/2018. Select New selection from the drop-down list in the Selection type field.

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