We fish the Catt during the month of October. Clear Creek from Wyoming-Cattaraugus County line upstream, Lime Lake Outlet, McKinstry Creek: Trout. request that the Enchanted Mountains guide. DIY Bonefishionados #ccoflyfishing #diybonefishing www.ccoflyfishing.com Cattaraugus Creek is a stream, approximately 68 miles (109 km) long, in western New York in the United States. Come fish for trout, bass, perch and catfish in a relaxing atmosphere. … One of our most popular is Cattaraugus Creek, which borders our county on the north, and has been listed in the top 10 Steelhead Fishing sites by fishing magazines. SLIDES.image = document.images.SLIDESIMG; if (document.images) { Or wait for the warm days of summer to cast your line in a quiet, peaceful stream and watch the clouds float along. Fishing in Cattaraugus County has been ranked as some of the best in North America by several fishing publications. DEC lists physical locations (also see below) in each County that sell licenses. Come experience fly fishing for steelhead and brown trout on Cattaraugus Creek, a tributary to Lake Erie located in Western New York. Whether you’re spinning, baitcasting or fly fishing your chances of getting a bite here are good. DIY Bonefishionados #ccoflyfishing #diybonefishing www.ccoflyfishing.com Join Guidefitter to connect with Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters (CCO Fly Fishing) and be part of a growing community of sportspeople and hunting outfitters who share your love of the hunt. Medium or medium/heavy action spinning rods of 7-9 foot lengths, with reels capable of using 6-12 pound test lines are needed. People who live in the Cattaraugus Creek Watershed are connected as a community--a community that shares the resources offered by the Cattaraugus Creek and its tributaries. guides. Anglers have had success with smaller-sized egg sacs and pink worms.