Nonetheless, at the time I felt good about the fact that the project happened at all, and it demonstrated a willingness on the part of Elder Ballad, at least, to listen to the insights of the “little people”. I really did enjoy the outro song. I could talk to very few about this. . Nothing we found cast any doubt on the integrity of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Thank you so much to everybody who showed up! And that is where WE come in. Then he picks her up carries her to the bedroom, closes the door, turns off the light and closed the curtains. An art historian would be able to use an image of a painting in an academic article that analyzes the painting. What came into being, it must cease to be! Dear RFM: My wife and I greatly appreciate your podcast and the tremendous effort that it requires of you. The Inaugural Episode of Mormonism Live kicks off tackling FairMormon’s new video series name “This Is The Show” that is intended for a younger audience. Follow on Twitter, Subscribe Here to Access Premium Episodes, RFM and Bill Reel take a look at the December 2020 Changes to the General Handbook of Instruction within the LDS Church. Tim Enthoven, The New York Times, November 24, 2018 (after Gustave Dore’) So when Perry takes his next schedule business trip Paul does some snooping. We have record of many adoring tributes like that of an acquaintance who said, “The love the saints had for him was inexpressible.”[10], The Joseph Smith I met in my personal research was a man of the frontier—young, emotional, dynamic, and so loved and approachable by his people that they often called him ‘Brother Joseph.’ His comparative youth overarched his prophetic ministry. By comparison, if we assume the historicity of the Book of Mormon: T.I.T.S. Your recent post makes it clear that perhaps you don’t know that Elder Oaks has plainly stated that neither he nor any of the brethren have ever met Jesus or even an angel for that matter. And you have mastered the art of calling them on it. 9 years ago 1 child. Radio Free Mormon: 206: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! Ex-Mormons—sometimes referred to as exmo or postmo—may neither believe in nor affiliate with the LDS Church. They gave me access to a large room, where I searched for an index to the hundreds of records it contained. Listening to your podcast is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve experienced in the past 40 yrs. I still want MORE!. I really enjoy listening to your take on things! As you know, Mormonism is all about new names! We are both returned missionaries, and we were talking the other day about preach my gospel, and how manipulative it teaches missionaries to be. That was astonishingly similar to the Nauvoo City Council’s suppression of the Nauvoo Expositor. I feel like I know you so well that you should at least know a little about me and my journey. A justice of that court phoned me to ask if the Church would assist them in looking into Joseph Smith’s legal cases in Illinois. Please join so I can contribute without having to use PayPal. Tackling deeper complex issues within Mormonism one episode at a time. Just read through your entire message. “John, at that time, was the only legal administrator in the affairs of the kingdom there was then on the earth, and holding the keys of power. An apologist Egyptologist Atlantic Magazine Article Link, Peter Bleakley, a life-long Latter-day Saint from across the pond, is actively engaged in calling out current church leadership on their gaslighting, distortions, and dissembling., How founder Joseph Smith may have translated the Book of Mormon | Episode 151. Sixty days! They adored him. July 13, 2009 by John Lynch. Let me know what you think. And now in this moment of gravity and emotion which convulses our deepest being…our heart is gripped by a dreadfully serious voice… What now? RFM is hitting his stride as a podcaster. I’m wondering if you would consider doing a podcast on the Heartland Model and it’s claims, Here is an example of John Gee authoring a boom for which he has zero expertise. There was no reason to be afraid of criticizing Nelson. You are a genius! In a way I felt like Neo in the Matrix. These were more feelings rather than conscious thoughts. Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel dive into whether they take on this project with honesty towards the material and compassion towards those who lose faith. Now, onto the purpose of this email – as a member of the Bar, I thought it would be useful to read a manual on what I do everyday, so I found a short book titled “On Bullshit” by Harry G. Frankfurt, a renowned philosophy from Princeton. As I look back on that event, the thing I remember best is what the nine scholars not of my faith did not say about Joseph Smith’s translation of the Book of Mormon. People of all faiths and perspectives are welcome to engage in civil, respectful discussion about topics related to Mormonism. You should publish the suggestions as you remember them, if you didn’t keep a copy of it. Church leaders got rid of the Oath of Obedience for the women because the bullies among the Mormon men were using it for all sorts of Unrighteous Dominion, such as incest, anal sex, all sorts of things. : 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma the Apologetic, Mormonism LIVE! The most popular and well known ExMormon site is (often referred to as “RfM” as in “Recovery from Mormonism”). The effect on boosting the page ranks of RFM (through quite legitimate means) would be worthwhile! He was working on a Ph.D. in history and I was studying law. View our YouTube videos So much changes when we have all of the facts and so does our perspective. . Part 4 is a new Mormon Stories classic! His life, struggles, passions and aspirations once more, for the last time, pass before our mind’s eye. I have a suggested interview and topic that might be of interest RFM. At this point my faith was tenuous at best. For the next week, every other thought was about the church. I represented the Church and gave a paper on the suggested subject “Joseph Smith in a Personal World.” [9]. But some of the more famous works by the more famous composers. News reporting: such as summarizing an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report. See a summary article of his talk. It’s doubtful that there would have been any stenographic record of these sayings, and later compilations almost surely had to depend on the memories of those in the original audiences. In fact, I had used that site for a lot of my research into the history and theology of Mormonism. I repeat each all night long until you publish the next. background-image: url(; This persuaded me I had to learn more about that Nauvoo event. The other parts are also very interesting but I don’t think you want to keep listening to me rambling about music and you should interpret them the way you feel is right for you. After dinner they drive to a night club and have a few drinks and dancing. My interest in this subject began in about 1958 with an inspired experience in the library of the law firm where I was employed after graduation. Just wanted you to know the podcast just went up! What a disappointment. Mormon Discussion Inc is a 501(c)(3) and is in the arena of journalistic work and is part of a free press. I am unable to find your podcast “Death March” wondering if you can help me out. Then a law professor, I had time for research, and writing in legal history would help fit my expected scholarly production. Here is a copy of letter I sent with specific questions regarding his proclamation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon [RFM Admin Note] The author of this article, "The Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon", also wrote about the second anointing. It felt like I was standing on the edge of the ledge in the beginning of the movie and was too afraid to climb down. [2] Durham, G. Homer, “A Political Interpretation of Mormon History,” Pacific Historical Review, 13, 1944, 136, 140. Mormonism LIVE! Thank you for all the time you have spent to release a new episode each day during the pandemic. : 006: LDS Handbook Changes Part 2, Radio Free Mormon: 211: Escape from Polygamy Mountain Part 2, Mormonism LIVE ! This book is actually a useful primer for anyone trying to understand the difference between complete honesty, nuance, persuasion, and bullshit. So it was that in 2013, the Historic Commission and the Lincoln Library convened a two-day conference in Springfield, Illinois, on those historical and constitutional developments. It was September of last year. Rather than Smith artificially creating chiasmus, it could be quite possible that it had become natural instinct. Thanks so much for writing me and sharing your story with me! Can’t wait for your next episode, every time! A man and a woman have different roles in the Plan of Happiness. The events of the last week or so, regarding RFM, are unbelievable and disgraceful!! I’d fall asleep too if these July 4th Displays lasted one hour…, perisologia has never been a concern of a radio host…. Its stated object was to examine “the religious, social, and theological contributions of Joseph Smith.” Scholars from throughout the United States and some other countries were invited to the library’s Coolidge Auditorium to present papers. You taught me that “there was no spoon” (a reference to the Matrix). I thought you might like to just read some of the responses to it. is intended for a younger audience. Ken's video presentation at the 2008 Exmormon Conference on Youtube: "Lying for the Lord". There was just a general sense of unease that had bubbled up under the surface for me. Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel dive into whether they take on this project with honesty towards the … I won’t bore you with any of that but will speak only of some of the subjects I mentioned in my address to the dignitaries who had driven to Nauvoo, including a former governor of Illinois. However, that amendment was not adopted until twenty years after the Nauvoo suppression. This may be a dumb question. I also love your movie/tv references and your closing music. An English teacher would be permitted to copy a few pages of a book to show to the class as part of a lesson plan. He had better been sent to the gallows. I can fly. The church is not built for me. ... etc. We have a book! Mormon Life - Short Courtships What was the worst part about your mission? Required fields are marked *. . Like StillAnon, I found RFM in my quest to understand Mormons and Mormonism. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I didn’t know he was a treasure digger. Unbelievable.”[14]. If you don’t have it…who does?? Addie Andrews is the porn star who used to be a Mormon missionary. Josephine. It also is most assuredly not approved or endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like on Facebook I’ll probably replay it a few hundred times in the next week. Sadly on both fronts it is a strong NO. In that earlier podcast you mentioned the phrase “apologist Egyptologist” and how it reminded you of the song “Caribbean Amphibian” sung by Kermut the Frog. Or should I say, Professor Whitman? The evidence against her is overwhelming. He called me and enlisted me as a “consultant” on this project because he knows that I have four kids in the target demographic as well as a lot of experience working with youth and YA’s, in andnout of the church. Based upon the Kermit the Frog song, Caribbean Amphibian, I know of some ancient papyri Thanks again for helping me see what was always right in front of my face. Perry slaps his fist down on the table and shouts DAMN IT Paul always the element of doubt. First, the background of Joseph Smith, and second, the writ of habeas corpus, which was the legal procedure by which Illinois courts—state and federal—reviewed these Missouri attempts. A close friend of mine in Utah Valley who has made a lot of money and who subsequently developed a relationship with a number of Apostles and other GA’s was given a “special calling” along with several other trusted members in Utah, under the direction of Elder Ballard via the local Area Authtority. The numbers cited, by the Area Authority, were that over 70% of LDS youth were going inactive by age 21, and even more dire was the fact that the church was losing about 50% of all returned missionaries. Also, why did the “C” abandon the Corp Sole or is it still in existence. What is this life – and this death? my brother, wife and I now listen to your podcasts and discuss them on a weekly and daily basis. “What is truly remarkable—really miraculous—[Professor Remini said] is the fact that this massive translation was completed in sixty working days by an uneducated but highly imaginative zealot steeped in the religious fervor of his age. I came, I saw, I was fascinated and charmed, I stayed off and on. The original sermon would have been given in some form of Hebrew — A derivation of the Hebrew of the 6th century BCE, with extensive evolution over the centuries among the Nephites. The only thing I kept coming back to was: This isn’t a first amendment issue!!!!!!!!!! In the 1980s, I remember the Church lost 20% (1 in 5) Returned Missionaries. Joseph Smith loved the Constitution and hoped that its promises could be used more effectively to protect his people. I try to be as gentle as I can in the language I use on the podcast, which may come as a surprise to some, but you are absolutely correct there is no reasonable or rational way to make the argument that the Sermon on the Mount just happens to be Jesus giving the same sermon to the Nephites as he gave in the Old World. This site is to expose all of the worthless EX-MORmON ASSHOLES & yes, I'm an EX-MORmON too, who is disgusted with their fucked up behavior. You are very special to me, and I wish you the very best. wait for it . 6. The Oaks/Bentley article on Joseph Smith’s bankruptcy proceeding, published in the BYU Law Review of 1976,[7] is 50 pages in length—too long to attempt to summarize here. [11], I departed from my assigned subject to help the audience understand Joseph Smith as a prophet and his vital teachings about revelation. It is a heavenly banner. I will be listening to all 5 sessions starting tomorrow – and will be taking notes. . You all-conqueror! The leaders of the church are looking at the numbers and are running a little scared. Sadly on both […] In recent episodes you have dispelled the prevarications that are so ubiquitous in the Church whether it be the Adam-God theory, grace in the Book of Mormon, the amorphous “revelation” concepts, Elder Ballard’s description of the Joseph Smith story, etc. It also is most assuredly not approved or endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. New Mormon Stories/RFM interview with Egyptologist Robert Ritner Discussions toward a better understanding of LDS doctrine, history, and culture. The train had crashed. Thanks! In 2005 the Library of Congress partnered with BYU for a two-day conference on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Smith. Mormon Beliefs. After reading the CES letter and a bunch of other stuff I happened upon your podcast and have now binged almost all of your content and I really appreciate the informed and intelligent fact driven content you put together. Looking back, I believe this was the prompting of the Spirit. At first all is well but as time goes on Perry begins to suspect has his wife might not be totally faithful. I began listening to it. In each of these instances, and in myriad more, I’ve realized that the Church has absolutely mastered the art of bullshitting. I have been listening to your podcasts for a while and thoroughly enjoy them. These people make me sick & are a disgrace to the entire world, especially the EX-MORmON community. Dr. Quinn was excommunicated from the LDS Church 20 years ago, in a group which came to be known as "the September Six." ;^). in any case, Thanks again for all you do to shine a light in the darkness. RFM is a fantastic resource for people seeking for the truth about Mormonism. I went from the depths of despair to absolute depression. The final movement is when you are supposed to be resurrected. Part 2. The fair use privilege is perhaps the most significant limitation on a copyright owner’s exclusive rights. . He talked about how things were getting worse for people. You pulled me out of a hall of mirrors and illusions. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. But you were like Morpheus. These women could not have more than one husband (unless the second husband was Joseph Smith). I think I like it. A loving tribute to flattop/XYZ A long time contributor to Recovery from Mormonism. The total value of Joseph’s properties—mostly what was brought back into his estate by the federal decree—was $11,148. Absent from the courthouse files—but essential to a book on the trial—were records of the testimony of the witnesses. Thanks for all your awesome words of wisdom keep up your great work. The song really is a spiritual experience. Hill. I had a great time and I hope you did, too! In the book, Frankfurt provides one definition of bullshit with etymological roots from the word “humbug”, defined as, “deceptive misrepresentation, short of lying, especially by pretentious word or deed, of somebody’s own thoughts, feelings, or attitudes.”. I’m on your side. I’ve wanted to say hello for a few weeks, but finally decided I had to after hearing your recent podcasts, “The Illusion of Free Agency”. Monday, August 11, 2008. 2. A few years ago, I made a foray onto a message board for individuals who have left the Church. I feel an opportunity was missed on the snuffer episode to close with radio free Europe by rem. That statement also serves as my conclusion to this audience, as well as my testimony of the divine ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Mormon Curtain is an Ex-Mormon Blog containing Articles collected from News, Blogs, Ex-Mormon Communities and Forums - providing the very best posts and articles therein. I just want to say that your podcasts regarding Christmas were two of the earliest ones that I listened to and I remember watching the movies at the MTC that you referred to. Church said Smith translated the Book of Abraham Download Media, I am pleased to be part of this important symposium sponsored by BYU and the Church History Department. Leaving a community isn’t easy, but a subreddit and makes the process of leaving the Mormon Church (officially the Church of … They get into his car and after a few minutes she slides over to the middle seat. And wish he would have translated all the Egyptian characters on facsimile 2 that Joseph said he wasn’t allowed to translate at this time but would be given in the temple. Keep us updated!! His number is: (801) 787-2141. That objection relied on John C. Bennett’s recently published claims that Joseph had fraudulently transferred some of his own property to avoid paying his personal debts. Then she’d sparkle with pride that I thought honesty was a more important “Mormon” value than what our neighbors in the Upper Snake River Valley of Idaho might be thinking. Always remember that every single one of us is full of shit. A book reviewer would be permitted to quote passages from a book in a newspaper column, for example, as part of an examination of the book. During this conference, both he and Nelson practically bragged about having their plural wives in the next kingdom. We only have limited vision about where that path may take us. His advocacy included this conclusion: I do not think the defendant ought under any circumstances to be delivered up to Missouri. It was a difficult feeling to let myself experience. I’m personally getting a little tired of the First Vision accounts. This is a must-listen! In the top navigation menu, you will find a list of all the currently released episodes. RFM: Native americans actually generally prefer to be called Indians, surprisingly enough. A lot of the knowledge I got about the movements come from these two sources: and I remember that this was a roller coaster of emotions. The church is willing to listen to and adopt “bottom up” change, even if it is not necessarily a publicly acknowledged process.

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