Sandata has been providing payer EVV solutions for over 12 years and provider EVV solutions for over 25 years. Provider Agency/Company ID and Toll-Free Phone Numbers. 11/20/2020 Sandata EVV Training - Supplemental Materials Page | 3 Visit Service Selection The table below lists the codes an employee enters during a telephone (TVV) call to identify the service and the selection list displayed for selection in the SMC app for a mobile visit check-in. Sandata has been providing Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) services for Self-Directed Care programs for over 15 years. • lient = The person receiving care. We understand the challenges in deploying EVV for Self-Directed programs, and our Santrax® Self-Directed Care Suite helps empower each participant to have control over their long term care delivery while automating existing manual efforts. Caregivers call-in and call-out for each individual visit. This ID is also used by workers as they check in and out for visits using the mobile app. As soon as connected. HCPF EVV … o If client is unknown, only the last four digits of the phone number display. Verification (EVV) Data Collection Systems . Press 1 “Received at

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