Super Monsters Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. most_popular most_visited. Cleo is nervous about meeting new monster animals at the petting zoo. Lobo 8 incarnations. He works at Monsters University's School of Engineering where he teaches Scream Canister Designs to his students. Although she wears a full-body protective suit that covers her face, her shape and voice give away her identity. Mike distracts the CDA, while Sulley escapes with Boo and her door, although Waternoose follows after they accidentally get his attention. He greets Sulley and Mike when Waternoose banish them to the Himalayas. As a result, Mike makes a deal with Dean Hardscrabble that if Oozma Kappa wins the Games, they will be reinstated back into the scaring program. Our Orcsare Different: If Trok is to be taken as an example. She is a large slug-headed teacher with six monstrous tentacles for legs and gray hair. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Games Movies TV Video. Every time they get announced or tell Oozma Kappa they're "going to rip them to pieces", they all hiss and their eyes glow even in the dark. 8 Classic Monsters That Inspired Comic Book Characters. At that point, Waternoose exiled Sulley and Mike to the Himalayas to keep them from interfering with his plot any further, though he would later regret since he was forced to banish his top scarers to ensure that they don't expose his and Randall's scheme to the public, but Randall reminds Waternoose about keeping the company running. According to the "Monsters University Fearbook" and the "Monsters University Extensive Guide", the members of Eta Hiss Hiss are an award-winning A Cappella group. Mike and Sulley begin to build a friendship as they compete together. She is a red dragon-like monster with centipede-like legs and red bat wings. 3,072 Pages. In the Scare Games, Eta Hiss Hiss was eliminated after they didn't find good hiding places in the "Hide and Sneak" event. Community Contributor. voiced by Alessandro Juliani. Waternoose is last seen loaded onto the CDA's van and taken to prison as Sulley becomes the new CEO of Monsters, Inc., proving Waternoose's theory incorrect by changing the company's approach from scaring to laughter, allowing the company to gain enough power to end the energy crisis for good. Dean Hardscrabble had the rest of Oozma Kappa enroll into the Scaring Program, admitting to Sulley and Mike that she was impressed by their performances in the Games. Mike does a diversion that involved throwing one of Boo's socks on one of the agents and then had the other agents chase him. Happy Katya from Super Monsters. This character is a 4 star monster that has a single target normal skill along with an AoE active skill. He has a dark blue belt. However, Mr. Waternoose is distraught to learn that the impending energy crisis is increasing, due to many children being desensitized and being unable to be scared by monsters, which might put the company on the verge of being shut down. Astromons are the main feature and existing creatures of Monster Super League.They are mainly obtained by Capturing or Summoning and are usually divided into animal type and human type.The latter is mentioned as the rarer Type according to the tutorial. He was seen at the beginning of the movie botching his training by leaving the door open as well as being scared by the simulation child (voiced by Lisa Raggio) causing him to slip on a soccer ball and fall on some jacks. Parents need to know that Super Monsters Furever Friends introduces a set of animal characters to the cast of the popular Netflix series, pairing the young monsters with pets that complement their personalities. The Super Monsters lose each other while picking moon berries in the woods. Characters Season 1/Season 2 characters (2017-2018) Drac; Katya; Lobo ; Frankie; Cleo; Zoe; Spike; Season 3 characters (2018-2019) Drac ; Katya ; Lobo ; Zoe; Frankie; Cleo; Spike; Vida Calavera; Season 4 characters (2020-2021) Rocky; Sami Snow; Zane Walker; Olive; Melusine; Charlie; Recurring/Other Characters. Only on Netflix. It's a gentle way to introduce the concepts of magic and monsters to kids, as the characters' experiences are relatable to viewers' own. These sources include the mythologies and religions that were once (or still are) worshiped, regional folklore that is spread by word of mouth, legends that could be real but with no proof towards one way or another, cryptozoological creatures that are may or may not exist, and the various works of fiction in literature, song, film, and more. When school starts, the Slug Student slithers to get to his class. Super monsters pack 20 units 3D Model Collection. Rigged. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Share Share Tweet Email. The scream machine renders Fungus nearly unconscious and blanches him white, showing that the machine asphyxiates its victims. Mover. This is a list of characters from the Pixar media franchise Monsters, Inc., including the 2001 film Monsters, Inc., the 2013 film Monsters University, and the Disney+ series Monsters at Work. During the Scare Games, Dean Hardscrabble is secretly watching Mike and Sulley competing from afar, aware and expecting that they are both going to fail. The Scarers of Scare Floor F are the co-workers at Monsters, Inc.. Apart from James P. Sullivan and Randall Boggs, among these are: In an outtake of the film, as the scarers make their entrance to Scare Floor F, Sulley trips and falls, causing a domino effect where all the other scarers fall as well. While she maintains the appearance of a sweet-natured housewife, aspects of her personality seem to reflect a wild youth, such as her taste in music and her participation in college party activities. After a long chase through the millions of doors in the factory's door storage facility, Boo eventually conquers her fear of Randall and buys Sulley enough time to defeat him. When he is first seen during the exam that would determine who will take part in the School of Scaring, Dean Abigail Hardscrabble "assists" him where she weeds out Mike for not being scary and Sully for doing an incorrect scare. The students here are big on brawn and small on brainpower. He is the CEO of Monsters, Inc.. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Celia, having gotten over her anger, does a diversion by announcing that Randall had broken the Scare Record. Mike is not only known for his humor, but also his intelligence. Parents need to know that Super Monsters Furever Friends introduces a set of animal characters to the cast of the popular Netflix series, pairing the young monsters with pets that complement their personalities. Katya 8 incarnations. As a result, Celia is now angry at Mike and she confronts him the next day, and she unintentionally slips Mike's involvement in the incident the previous night while scolding him, which Randall discovers. For the Toxicity challenge after Oozma Kappa came in last place, Hardscrabble stated to Mike that only a miracle can save him from expulsion. 0. 13 talking about this. The next day, they smuggle her into the factory disguised as a child of one of Sulley's relatives, and Mike attempts to return her through her door. Space Monster Gamera), also known as Super Monster, is a 1980 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company.It is the eighth and final entry in the Showa Gamera series, and the last Gamera film written by Nisan Takahashi and directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Claire Wheeler (voiced by Aubrey Plaza[7]) is a three-eyed grey monster who is a member of the Greek Council. Preschool kids whose parents are the world's most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten. 0. most_popular most_visited. Christmas wishes come true for Lobo, whose favorite cousin arrives for a surprise visit, and for Glorb, who wishes he could be everywhere at once! Super Monsters Coloring Pages. Add to wish list Remove from wish list. Register Start a Wiki. Overview [edit | edit source]. An Astromon comes with a set natural Grade, Element, Battle Type, and set Stats and Skills. 22-$32.87 $ 32. The Super Monsters lose each other while picking moon berries in the woods. Wikis. 2,926 Pages. By coincidence before she could even finish her sentence, one miracle actually happened when Brock Pearson announces that Jaws Theta Chi is disqualified for using an illegal protective sting ointment during the Toxicity challenge, which puts Oozma Kappa back into the competition, although she still believes that they will eventually lose. Before Randall could extract the scream from her, Sulley returns and destroys the machine, rescuing Boo. At the Super Monsters' car wash, enchanted sponges shrink all the vehicles! Each episode revolves around the characters solving common problems children their age have, from being nervous about attending a new school to … When Randall attempts to test the extraction machine on Mike, Sulley puts Fungus on the chair and rescues Mike. Archie the Scare Pig is the mascot of Fear Tech (a rival school of Monsters University) that Sulley steals. One of her skills called fatigue grandeur makes the enemy lose a great amount of power for two turns. Besides Randall, among the members of Roar Omega Roar are: Python Nu Kappa (PΝΚ, suggestive of "pink") is one of the six sororities at Monsters University. Super cute. One night, sometimes after Randall had finished building the Scream Extractor, he left a door activated on the Scare Floor, when he was doing a bit of late-night wok, and a little girl (later named Boo) wanders out. Titans (Attack on Titan) Succubus; Giant of Kandahar; … Register Start a Wiki. Mike is portrayed as a comedian in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort attraction, Monsters, Inc. The Slug Student (voiced by Bill Hader) is a student that attended Monsters University. Lobo Howler from Super Monsters. She also owns the Oozma Kappa fraternity house. Top Content. Otherwise if they lose, Mike will have to leave the school. Language; Watch; Edit; This article has multiple issues. 'Furever Friends'. During the chase through the large storage vault, Boo's laughter ends up causing all the doors to operate. Boltwing also has the ability to increase the allies’ critical damage by 40% which is not pretty decent.

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